I work with stakeholders and teams to produce and deliver software for the web and mobile devices.

Recent Reads

a16z Podcast - Defeating Aging By Aubrey de Grey

Ever since watching his first TED talk I've been enamoured with Aubrey de Grey's work on human longevity. The intersection of computing and biology, in my mind, is the next wave of human advancement on the heels of the Information Age.

a16z Podcast - The Cloud and the Public Sector By Teresa Carlson

It's always interesting to learn about how new technologies are delivered to legacy organizations, and Teresa does a great job of explaining the path that AWS took to sell cloud services to the U.S. government.

Frontend Design By Brad Frost

Indirectly addressing the fragmentation issue in the design community, Brad outlines the diverse sets of skills required to be a product designer who has full command of their medium. It's a shame that these skills typically remain siloed across different teams and product phases.

Sketching With Code: Protosketching By Alan deLevie and Dr. Robert L. Read

Something I've formerly referred to as "Static Prototyping", "protosketching" is the term 18F uses to refer to the rapid construction of a clickable experience to demonstrate a product concept. As CSS and HTML have become easier and more powerful I have found myself deferring to the browser over Photoshop to bring early sketches to life.

Pattern Lab By Brad Frost and Dave Olsen

Pattern Lab is a toolkit for design systems based on modular, reusable, and extensible components. It's a great way to get into a "systems design" mindset.