UI != UX

UI is not UX

The Most Important Thing They’re Not Teaching At College

College is like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Life is not.

A More Mathematical Design Critique

Good design is far less creative and far more empirical than most people understand.

This “Lean In” Thing

Lotsa folks trying to sell the correlation between reproductive organs and assertiveness. I'm not buying.

What Does Success Look Like?

A mantra for decision-making, learned from my first CEO, Gautam Godhwani.

“Great” Software Design

Spoiler alert: It ain't about the lipstick.

The People Who Design Your Apps

Responsibility fragmentation is an epidemic in the web "design" field. This is one attempt to make sense of it all.

Network Temporality

A framework for thinking about the longevity and financial viability of online networks

Using Twitter

How I get value from 140 characters

Fullscreen Video Control

It's 2013. Why is this still an issue?

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